Ein Klick • Ob Herzbube, Poolboy oder Urlausbfeeling – hier geht’s ganz schnell

Hier bekommst du den schnellen Überblick über die heißesten Rubriken. Die Typen im Blog kannst du hier sehen! Hier zur Rubrik «Herzbube» Hier kannst du «deinen Herzbuben» finden Hier zur Rubrik «Urlaubsfeeling» Vielen Dank für deine Unterstützung Hier zur Rubrik «PoolBoy» Ein Tipp für geilen, ungestörten Sex 😛  

Tipp der Woche 46 • »Verbessere Deine Erektion«

Hinweis: Dieser Beitrag stellt ausschließlich Werbung da. • Wie in jeder Woche haben wir mal was heißes, mal was erotisches oder nützliches im Tipp der Woche verpackt. Mal findet ihr es gut, mal kommt der Tipp nicht so an – gut, das muss aber so sein.  😛 »Verbessere Deine Erektion mit den Libido Performa Kapseln! « »Die Kapseln stimulieren die Durchblutung in Deinem Penis, was Deine Erektion härter und länger anhaltend macht und den Schwanz empfindsamer. |

Herzbube 208

Every week he comes, the jack of hearts – you know that. And since we can’t show anything naked in Germany without an access barrier, we have to put our hearts up. And we don’t care, because we find them everywhere, naked, hard, big and sexy. And what do you think of today’s double pack even better – or? Advertising Image Source: de.pornhub.com/users/steffen030 via Adultnode.com

Poolboy 33

Summer time is usually also holiday time. And you don’t always have to force yourself into a tight bathing suit at the pool and show your bulge. Okay, some people also go naked into the pool – but our new pool boy plays something – we’d like to play along and we can think of some other games. – And what do you look like at the pool? Just send us your picture with your

Tips for Gay/Bi Men Who Never Had a Serious Boyfriend (But Want One)

8 Tips for Gay & Bi Men who have Never had a Serious Boyfriend (and Want One) • I have friends in their 30s and beyond who have been out for well over a decade but still have never had a serious boyfriend. When this happens, it’s difficult to not question “Am I unlovable?” “Will I ever have a boyfriend?” and “Is it me?” Pride.com via Facebook

Gay Teen Romance • »Swimmer Boy«

Liam Green is a sixteen-year-old boy who has just moved to Fairmont with his family. On his first day in his new high school, he falls for Alex, a handsome jock on the swim team. Alex doesn’t seem to be gay, but that does not end Liam’s obsession with him. Fate pushes the boys together, and they become friends—until Liam’s secret is revealed. Amazon.de via Jay Argent Books Advertising Mehr Infos zu diesem Buchtipp (Advertising):

Gay Teen Romance • »I am Not Gay«

Alex Wesley is a seventeen-year-old senior at Fairmont High School. He is a star jock and the captain of the swim team. Everything in his life seems perfect, except for one big secret: Alex has a boyfriend. In his efforts to keep his relationship hidden from his friends and family, Alex makes a mistake that changes everything and pushes him deeper into the closet. Amazon.de via Jay Argent Books Advertising Mehr Infos zu diesem Buchtipp