DVD TIPP • »New Twinks On The Block«

You know that feeling when you see a moving van pull up to that vacant house across the street.. the whole neighborhood`s abuzz with curiosity and excitement. Who`s the new guy on the block? And more importantly, is he hot? Hitch a ride with the Welcome Wagon and say hello to the New Twinks On The Block, as these slim and smooth strangers knock on doors and knock boots with every hot boy on the block. Dakota Wolfe, Seamus O`Reilly, Ian Levine, and ten more fresh young twinks team up in five suburban sex stories about getting to know your new neighbors in the most intimate way. Come over to borrow a cup of sugar and stay for something even sweeter. Peek in on your hot neighbor buddy`s bare ass as he changes, before deciding to invite yourself in through his back door. Watch the guy doing chores next door as he bends and stretches while cleaning his garage, then offer a helping hand to get his job done twice as fast. With so many hot young guys moving in just around the corner, your cock – and your property values – are about to rise big time! A Next Door Twink anthology.

Next Door Studios via xjuggler


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DVD – Spieldauer: (nicht gefunden) Minuten | FSK: Freigegeben ab 18 Jahren | Studio: Next Door Studios| Sprache: Englisch | Textquelle und Bildquelle übernommen von xjuggler.de


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