Fotografie • »Bel Ami Rebels«

The stars of the European adult entertainment studio Bel Ami usually look a little more like Love Me Tender than Rebel Yell. The new softcover edition of the photo book by Spanish celebrity photographer Joan Crisol is proof that they can switch modes at any time. He portrays the handsome boys in bold poses and puts the spotlight on their wild side. The resulting works are extremely sexy and absolutely convincing. With aplomb and appeal, these ever so sweet guys show that they have plenty of raw and rampant sexual energy in them after all. „Bel Ami Rebels

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Gebundene Ausgabe: 128 Seiten | Verlag: Bruno Gmünder; Auflage: 1. (1. Februar 2017) | Sprache: Englisch | Textquelle und Bildquelle übernommen von

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