Sugar Babies


Sugar Babies Book 1 – Kinky Baby

Trace is young, hot, and used to being the boss. Hunter isn’t looking for any of that.

When Trace moved from California to Colorado, it was only business. Raised by great businessmen, everything Trace touches turns to gold. At twenty, he’s the youngest and most successful nightclub owner around. With an uncanny talent of always knowing the hottest trends, Trace has fattened his already bulging pockets. He’s content with focusing on his career. Then he meets Hunter, and nothing feels right anymore.

Hunter’s stress has stress. He doesn’t have time for a young, hot, too-much-of-everything guy. In fact, Hunter’s so busy drowning in debt and dealing with his son’s issues, he doesn’t have the energy for anyone. The last thing he needs is sexy, barely-classified-as-an-adult Trace taking over his life. But damn, Trace controls his every thought. Hunter doesn’t know where to go with that. All Hunter knows is, he’d better find a way to let Trace in or lose him forever.

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Sugar Babies Book 2 – Broken Baby

Lane has his share of addictions. Walker is one.

After months of rehab, Lane finally feels like life is headed in the right direction. Between starting his own business and helping out Trace with Club Incubus, his bank account is looking fantastic too. His friendship with Walker gets deeper every day. Until Lane looks over one day and realizes he’s in love with the guy.

Walker never expects to fall for someone half his age, especially someone like Lane. For a long time, Walker didn’t even like the guy. After months of visiting doctors together, getting Lane’s life on track, now Walker is the one who needs help. The only difference is, Walker has no intention of dragging Lane into his problems. Lane just finished rehab. Walker can’t disrupt his life. It’s too bad Walker ends up crushing Lane in the process of keeping him at arm’s length.

Can these two men meet in the middle while both on shaky ground? Lane is up for the challenge. If only Walker would let him in.

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Sugar Babies Book 3 – Sweet Baby

Dillion needs a keeper. Beck needs a place to live. They’re the perfect match. In every way.

Being famous isn’t everything, especially for someone too sweet for his own good like Dillion. Everyone takes advantage of Dillion. He doesn’t know how to say no, even to save himself. Dillion has been quietly in love with someone who destroys him for way too long. When he meets a homeless waiter, Dillion does what he always does—comes to the rescue. Thankfully, his new friend has something Dillion desperately needs—courage to stick up for what’s right.

Beck is having a hell of a day. He’s stuck covering for a lazy co-worker while simultaneously getting evicted from his apartment. Luckily, his first customer of the day is Dillion Taylor, a famous child actor who is known all over the world. When Beck overhears Dillion’s date being rude, he does what Dillion doesn’t have the courage to do—he puts the man in his place. It’s a moment that seals his fate as Dillion’s next rescue mission.

While Dillion might not be brave enough to stand up for himself, he’s an unmovable force when it comes to taking over Beck’s life. It’s Beck’s bad luck that he also gets his heart stolen by the tiny angel, because Dillion is in love with a total dick. If Beck can’t find a way to pry Dillion from his unhealthy obsession with someone nowhere near good enough to own him, he could lose his chance forever. That’s one loss Beck can’t survive.

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Sugar Babies Book 4 – Salty Baby

This isn’t love, but their feelings are just as intense and unwavering. It’s hate… Maybe.

Falcon’s best friend used to date the world’s biggest nightmare. Mason is conceited, self-serving, and out for only himself. Falcon hates him. He’ll do anything to keep Mason away from Dillion. That’s how Falcon ends up a guest at a weekend destination wedding he has no desire to attend, but he can’t let Dillion go alone. It’s a plan that seems perfect until Mason ends up in the wrong bed.

There was a time when Mason would have gone to any length to get Dillion back. Now, he’s just trying to get through this wedding with his pride intact. It’s a hope that’s dashed the minute he makes a wrong turn on the way to his room. Or did he?

With no chance of ever being with Dillion again, Mason tries moving on, but the direction he’s headed seems every bit as doomed. Even though Falcon hates him, he keeps coming around. Each time Mason finds himself in Falcon’s company, it seems like the world is conspiring to throw them together. Except the truth is a bit more lurid, and their secret has them in real danger of losing everyone they care about.

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