🎞️ »Lockdown Lovers«


Although most parts of the world are in lockdown, these Staxus boys are lucky enough to be together at these times. Shy roommates like Danny and Timmy finally hook up together after 21 days, despite this only being planned to be a „let’s jerk off together“ these two finally succumb to their primal needs!

And after the lockdown the boys get together once again, firstly Nick and John, who clearly are excited to see each other, and soon they’re taking turns to suck eachother off before finally, after one hell of a ride, Nick gets his cute face covered in cum! Only to later receive a message from Danny, who invites him over to his house the next day!

And he sure does go! In the final scene of this spectacular Staxus Download, Danny, Nick & Joel get together for one very spectacular threesome! It’s really no surprise that in no time, Danny is in the middle of both boys with Joel’s cock in his mouth and Nick sucking him off! But there is more stuffing action still to come as Joel rides on both their dicks simultaneously!

SauVage via radvideo.com


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