Gay Mykonos – Gay Paradise by the Sea


For many gays the world over, Mykonos is THE destination in Greece. Just over 40 square miles, the sexy sun-baked little island is some 95 miles southeast of Athens, but a world away in terms of atmosphere. Relaxed, stylish, moneyed, white-washed, and always fun-loving, Mykonos is a timeless playground, one that’s far from entirely gay, but where the boys keep flocking in force. Mykonos got its start as an international getaway in the 1960s and ’70s, when (probably with the help of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who came here with Greek second-hubby Aristotle) the famous and super-wealthy (like Grace Kelly and Gregory Peck) discovered its charms and began spending their summers here. Where celebs go, the gays are sure to follow, and by 1973 Mykonos had its very first gay bar. […]

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