Just a Bit Gay

Tyler Meyer is totally straight. But then the hot woman he’s hooking up with sticks her finger where she shouldn’t, and suddenly he’s not so sure… Straight guys can like that sort of thing too, right?Except things get confusing–and frustrating–when fingers and toys aren’t quite enough.Enter Nick Hardaway, Tyler’s best friend. What’s a little fun between bros, right? via Amazon.de /Autor: Alessandra Hazard © Dieser Lese- /Buchtipp stellt Werbung da – alle Informationen (Text- und

Straight to Queer

What could be better than straight men being transformed into their worst nightmares? Not one single thing. Seeing them transformed into the lisping, swishy, giggly, bottoms is the best revenge any gay male could have on a former tormentor. Erotic tales of straight men becoming addicted to the pleasure that can only come from another man. Stories including an emphasis on straight to gay transformation, butt expansion, muscle theft, shrinking, and so much more! via