Gay Sights In Europe


Travel in Europe, in The Schengen Territory, with this handy list of GLBT friendly places to visit in Europe (Schengen Territory), on your smart phone or tablet’s Map.

Now you can use these Gay Sights Android 4.0 Map Apps, to help get around cities you are visiting, to Gay Bars, Lesbian Bars, Saunas, Bookshops, Pride events, Sports events, Gay Theatre and Film Festivals, on a Map on your Android 4.0 smartphone or tablet. With your current location, and directions. There are 12 Gay Sights Map Apps, one for each of 12 world travel regions, plus 5 for the US.

No ads for cheap hotels. You are already in these cities, it’s time to explore! And to have this GPS Map to guide you to the Gay Sights in world cities.

The Android 4.0 App’s simple menu system allows you to pick a country, and discover each city’s Gay men’s bars, Lesbian bars, GLBT booksellers, and saunas, Bookshops, Pride events, Sports events, Gay Theatre and Film Festivals. The Android 4.0 App’s live Map then shows you the local locations with marker pins, as well as your current location (if you allow it to). You can even tap to get your device’s native Map, which can give driving instructions. Built-in e-mail, allows you to Contact Us to add a new location, or update a location’s existence. Once you use the Gay Sights Map App to get to your destination, be sure to checkin with Facebook.

We search the world over for GLBT Film Festivals, stage Theatre, and Sport Events. And when one or the other is happening in the city that you are visiting, you will know!!



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